Well, I wasnt sleeping:)… not literally.

Anaesthesia does this to you, right?

I had my last surgery. After the Accident. I had my steel implants removed from my foot. Just having bedrest for a few more days and then it’ll be over as well. 🙂

I remember the day of the surgery- Thursday, i mean, lastday [it seems longer than that.. probabaly the sleep is at fault.. ] I remember being in OT[Operation theatre]… I remember talking to Anesthetic… I mean he talk a lot.:P And he was talking to me, making me talk,. Probably to measure how much of General Anaesthesia i would need. He was asking me my name.. age.. place.. blah blah…

And he suddenly asked me, why i wasnt looking at him while we were chatting..:) I replied with a smile, that i wasnt wearing my specs:P.. lol. he laughed and asked if i can count the fingers he showed me, and i replied with a pun that i would count it if he wouldnt show me the middle one… hehe… we started laughing like hell, and people outside probably kept wondering why we were laughing:)

Then we talked, about anything and everything.. he asked me about the books i love, what i study, what i work, what i think of life, and etc.. he even asked me for my phone no. hehe. now thats an odd place to be asked out.

Over all, the chat was good, it was relaxing me… i was slight bit nervous but luckily the heartbeat monitor didn’t show it. the last thing i heard, as he gave me the dose of drug, was, ” doc, this is one jolly girl you have here..”

… And everything went blank and black next. All i remember feeling is the Cold of the AC.

ps. Thats how i got rid of my steel implants in my foot that were planted after the accident in january. I slept for three hours. woke up with dull ache in my head and lot of pain in my foot. But luckily Everything is good. A few days rest and i will be absolutely fine.

pps. Whats more, my comp is officially dead. Needs some Transplant as well.[Prolly a new RAM]… will get back to blogging after that. 🙂 till then, its a bbye for a while.. and i shall try to keep in touch with all of you friends!! 🙂