The arrogant, the aggressive. the one I relate to.

Whatever people has to say about him, I think he did the right thing for his self-respect. And He definitely deserves that award!
After all, when Materazzi ended up provoking him so that he head-butted him, italy already believed that they would loose if Zidane was to stay in the game. That where they did lost in my eyes , where they stoped playing by the rules, and thus zidane ended up not playing by the rules as well. Although we cant say italy has won just because zidane wasn’t tehre, but Materazzi did feel that fear that it might happen, and thus he used his tricks and politics to make Zidane get a red card, which seemed like an easy business, because zidane already have a record of having 14 red cards in his carrier.

Anyhow, everything is said and done now. I couldn’t get to sleep the whole night, talking and chatting with friends, and discussing and head-butting each other as well!! [ i don’t mean it literally, but then again, i did really want to do that after hearing those guys criticize zidane!:)]

Over all, lost three bets. had an interesting night. A lot of emotions were involved.

The football fever in me is over and out for next four years!

And yes, Zidane will be missed dearly.

A Personal message to Zinedine Zidane, if he ever googles his name and reaches this link… the possibility to that is one to million:D …
I Love you Zidane, whatever everyone else says, For me, You’ll always be the most genius player in football history.

PS. Am waiting for Zidane to say something over this issue… http://msn.foxsports.com/soccer/story/5771836