Zinda The Film

Another of Sanjay Gupta Film, Including Sanjay Dutt! Releasing on January 12, 2006. The one I would want to watch First day First show. Just for the fact that I do not want to read or hear any reviews in advance. More often than not, common crowd takes Sanjay Gupta films appallingly. I, for myself, like them for the reason that they are diverse, stimulating. They are not the Rajshri banners Rona- Dhona Category such as “Hum saath saath hai” or Karan Johar’s family Drama “kabhi khushi kabhi gum.” I stalwartly loath those movies. However, I would not comment more about it as this is a substance of sensitivity, and watching preferences. I respect everyone’s own opinion in this.

Again, this post is not about the movie itself. It is about the music. It is about the soundtrack of this movie, which is composed by “Strings”, in which John Abraham has quoted a few lines and become a new singer of the town. Anyhow, he sounds good as the track itself lifts the quotation to new heights while listened. This track is about sadness, about the grief and pain of lost. Of course, to others it may sound like a negative effect, but that very effect leads to the positive soul searching.

This is the song, that I am not tired of listening. This one track, which I have so accustomed to listen almost five times a day, has been my favorite from the very day it got premiered on The Musik, and all other music channels.

This is the Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH_YCTbYe5k