I read this today.. and i think i should forward this. I read it at here

Hey People,

I have to do this and frankly, I do feel a sense of shame and loss for words at the same time. I have written over a 100 poems in my life and I had published a few of them on www.poetry.com. After publishing 3 poems online, I did recieve a letter (Normal Post) from them and told me that my poem has been selected to enter a book of poems and that it would cost me some money however to buy it. I was really happy and so were my parents and my friends. I never bought the book and over the years, I had won recognition from other quarters, general appreciations from friends and readers. Some more poems published in poetry.com and I recieved a certificate saying that my poem was given the Editor’s Choice award.

But it was only a couple of months back that I realized that how my skills and my poems were mocked by some screwheads and the whole www.poetry.com thing was a BIG SCAM. Please do not fall into this. I had stopped publishing my poems over there long long ago, I think the real recognition is when people like you all read my poems and appreciate it. Luckily, I did not buy any of the books they said carried my poems.

I wanted to write this immediately, but actually forgot about it…It was only after a fellow blogger LL (Lifeintheselanes) asked me in the comments column if it was a scam. And very regretfully, I have to admit that it is a scam…

Thank you,