Can you trust a person you’ve met right away??
Or let me change the format of the question,
How long do you think does it take for you to trust someone??

That was supposed to be a query that I was going to inquire my self, but now I have come down to just make it civic and blog it out. I believe that the answer to it is personal and it depends on particulars, which vary for each individual, so I’m in point of fact inquisitive to know everyone’s observation. What I mean by that question is, when you get to identify a name for the first time, and then you develop adequate imminence to share hush-hush that you’ve not shared with regular acquaintances. How long does it take for you, to take that leap from the first step of the ladder to the last step?

More often than not people will say that they will give it a time, to know the other one better. But the majority of the time what a person in fact does is to keep him on lookout all the time. Like a comrade of mine says, not to commit a gaffe of trusting people too much too soon.

But what it means to be early, or for that matter the-right-time to be open and be your self??!! In many cases, it has occurred paradoxically that after years you establish the trust on someone and he/she might contravene your trust. I’m not discussing about exceptions… its merely a subject of perception rather. You perceive that ‘then’ is the correct time to be intimate, so you go along, then you might get hurt cause it has led you to unlike finale then what you had expected. So from then on, for next time you become slight ‘more’ cautious and slight less trusting than before! The cynic cycle never ends. Of course, it’s a multifaceted human nature… and everyone perform in dissimilar approach. But Again, If you don’t open up and continue to remain distant, then you may never know if you could ever trust him/her, as you are just so wrapped up keeping yourself away from the probable injure. If I have to be downright rational, I would say, if one day or another you ARE going to take the plunge to see where its going to escort you, then why not right then?

Its a different matter altogether if you do not see your relation going that way, you may just very well remain courteous friends throughout your lives. But if you do seek ‘some’ future of that camaraderie, you are to risk things later, if not right then. So what’s the point of entire getting-into-it-step-by-step-being-too-insecure-to-trust? To me it seems like unrealistic, impractical waste of time.

If I were to be in a position like that, I would definitely go with intuition. I strongly believe that, what you feel is right for you, is exactly what is right for you. You feel positive about something, you go on. If you don’t, then you make a U turn. That’s as easy as we can make it. Of course opinions vary.. and brickbats are more than welcome. : D

The point of the post is, I’ve just been in the same place of being introduced to somebody. Its been somewhere around 24 hours and we’ve spent most of them conversing with interest, and I’ve of course acted with my intuition. But anyhow, the Question still remains unanswered…