“Dominant girls, are good in bed, but not in real life.”

He said it, out of the blue. [later on he said, it was because he was sleepy that he said it, but he did not really mean it.]

The conversation was going good, The flirting was in the air, and What made him make that statement is not really known to me. He was merely just giving voice to his thoughts, or may be he was just stating his belief which he actually wanted to prove wrong otherwise. A Reverse psychology of denial.

But it stuck to me, in very weird sort of way. That lead me to think if it was really the case. That men, being the most competitive one of the human species, would really not be able to accept the dominance of a female in the field that they are supposed to be the master in.

I mean, its not that men wouldnt appreciate women being the master in kitchen. They would galdly accept the home-maker as the queen of that things, as he doesnt believe himself to be able enough to handle that. Think about it, how many gals living alone is known to have servents to do the house-hold work, and compare that to number of guys living alone that has servents to almost do all the household. [Of course there are exceptions there too. but we aren’t talking about that right now.]

But when a female puts a foot in his area of excellence, and starts to prove herself, thats where men starts having troubles. The acceptance issues. Like when female takes the first step in dating.

I do not blame this guy, who said that to me. Its his mindset and his opnions that I accept as a right of freedom of speech and belief.

But then i’ve my freedom of speech too, and so i’m just gonna be just the half-lunatic-half-bithcy person that I am!

Laterz. and btw, happy holi to all of you.