This is a subject I’ve talked to a few fellow bloggers in private conversation, but never got a satisfactory explanation as to why they do not want his/her own blog to be personal looks wise as well as matter wise. I mean, a blog is who you are, it represnt your self in more than one ways.

Do you really think you describe yourself as a mere one in the crowd?

No, right? Well, thats what using a commom Blog-template says about you.

Its even more than that. Writing a public online blog means you want people to read you. To establish a contact in some subtle level of psych with your readers. And as every public relations expert says, presentation matters!!

Okay, now that i’ve convinced you to make your blog personal and rather unique by using your own stylish templates, lets talk about the troubles.

First, to get a template that you like. Well, here you have a lot of choice.. try .Here a big database of templates are available to choose from. After choosing and downloading you can use it in your own blog.

Second, if your kind of design is not there on the site, then you can find people who can design it for you. All you need to do is to tell them what picture you want to use, and what kinda layout you would like for your blog in detail and they will create a etmplate for you in their own time. For an example, you can send your requests to Falconer Designs . And they will get in touch wid you back, with your quesries answered.

Now that we’ve done the template getting part, here comes the tough part, to adapt it on your blog. The third step: coding. Well, a person with a tech background would have no problems wid that. But non-technical ones can actually mess the whole thing up in small mistakes.. here you should either get in touch with a person who can have a look at ur template and find a mistake. And to be of help, I can vouch my self for that. Anyone is welcome if they want me to help them out with their blog template. Send me a mail or a YM.

Phew! Tried my best to put my point out, but at the end of the day it matters entirely on the blogger itself.

Because… I, for one, would remember a blogger by their unique templates as strongly as their writing style and matter.