Ahmedabad is safer, less crowdy, and full of people who would turn into a brother if a female cry out saying someone tried to touch her in bad manner.

where as bombay is too full with people, all the time. Not even at nights that i got my favorite loneliness. When we were at a resort nearby Aksa beach in malad, i wanted to just go out and enjoy the sea water wash over my foot at sometime around 10 pm, and none let me do it. there were so many reasons and excuses given to me. I mean, here in Ahd, even at 3 in night i can just sit at the Kankaria lake, and spend the whole night alone, police even wouldnt stop me, let alone anyone else.

As i said about Ahd being too full of helpful people, there in mumbai none care about the other. In some of its own ways, its a good thing. But when i had to break someone’s fingers in local train journey at night when he tried to grab my ass, just for a short while I felt bad. I mean, when it happened, he screamed, and none even cared to notice why. Some of the people also scolded him for making noises. well, he was behind my back, and i didn’t even bother turning to see his face or whatever but i was satisfied braking bones. To think of it now, if i would have been in Ahd, and if i’d have just said “hey, watch your fingers man!”, there will be people who’d beat him up just like that. And thats why this wouldnt have happened in first place. I dont say i need people to do that for me, i mean, i know i can take care of my self. But again its a nice jesture that our gujju people can show.

Oh well, i still say i like mumbai, its a city of realities, wrapped in a dream for which one has to realise, none matters for the other.

… and its so sad!!!