Adults can learn from children the very thing they used to have but lose eventually after growing up.

Imagination. Sheer and Brilliant.

A few months back I came to realise this from my nephew Shlok who turned 5. He had gone to a Christmas party for kids his own age and had an interesting story to tell after he came back.

He explained how he fell from a sofa at the party.

Now, it wasn’t an extra-ordinary story about his acrobatics that landed him in a fall. It was as boring as one moment he was sitting, the next he was down. But the imagination with which he explained his fall, adding visual aids to his tale that made this uniquely creative.

So here is how it started. He was sitting on a sofa. OK, a bench actually. That piece of furniture didn’t have back support built in it, but rather it stood right next to a wall which moonlighted as the the back support. In my darling nephew’s words, he started out sitting in an “L” shape. something like this. ( pardon my awesome drawing skills! and no, that’s not a levitating bench! 😛 )

He leaned back onto the wall a little too much and bench shifted forward. Because, Newton’s third law. So the little guy now explained that he went from “L” shape to a sleeping “I” shape.

Now, the bench shifted even further away from the wall. The baby boy is now hanging between the wall and the bench. He now explains that he turned into a “U” shape at the end.

I don’t know about you but this just cracks me up everytime. His ordeal had ended in that hanging equilibrium but he managed to create an awesome story by using the shape of alphabets to tell me exactly how he fell in a heap.

Boy, did he get all the shapes correct!

Smart and imaginative young fellow he sure is. 🙂