Just like i had put in my resolution, am starting it today. one blog a day.

On the eve of 31st, after an hour long of deciding whether to go out or not, considering the traffic situations in Mumbai outside the roads and also inside eating places, we headed to Hiranandani, Powai. For sure the place was bright and cheerful like a bride on her wedding day.


So we went to Papa Johns, specially cause it looked decently less crowded than other places. And i would seriously prefer going to some place less crowded than a good place with a waiting for an hour! anyway, we made our self comfortable and ordered pizzas. Within 15 minutes our order arrive and we started. it was around 2330 hours then.

At around some minutes before the clock hands hit 12, the whole place’s serving staff had gathered at the counter, looking at the clock with smiles on their faces. just as it hit, they switched off the lights, started some typical bollywood dance music and started dancing, in the middle of the restaurant! this went on for 15 minutes as the resident DJ from the kitchen continued to change songs and they danced.

Once getting the cue from the manager of the place, everyone straightened themselves up and went back to serving food like nothing had happened. Surprisingly one of the serving staff had taken time out from dancing to serve us our second round of pizza as well.

Observing all of this made me smile. The spirit of humans to find time to enjoy few minutes of happiness in any situation. I was wondering about the people who worked at the restaurant till late hours and were not allowed to go and spend the beginning of the new year with their families. People in Mumbai were out till 3 in night, and so were these people. Only difference would be, former ones were partying, and later was serving the former’s comforts!

But those 15 excruciatingly painful minutes full of music, in which they danced, were an awesome sight nonetheless. That was a celebration of embracing the new year with an attitude head on. Cheers to the unbreakable human spirit! Jai Ho!