“if god exists, and I truly don’t believe he does, he will know that there are limits to human understanding . He was the one who created this confusion in which there is poverty,injustice,greed and loneliness. he doubtless had the best of intentions,but results have proved disastrous; if god exists,he will be generous with those creatures who choose to leave this earth early. and he might even apologize for having made us spend time….”

Alak posted this on her blog and i am having the same effect of it as i read the book the first time. Its refreshing to see that someone is exactly getting the-very-thing about the logic of the writer, that affected me. I am very happy for you, Alku!

I’m not at all gonna write a review about the book here…
… you want the review… go n read!!

ps. It was Rakshabandhan(rakhi-day) today. I was very happy to be on the receiving end for the change:D, as now i have more than 4 rakhis on my wrist:)