After Mangalore, now its turn of Bangalore, and may be soon after that the whole of india is going to be affected by it.

The responsible person, as usual, is the chief of Shri Ram Sene, Mr Muthalik.

This time around, he has made funny stand, and even funnier statements after that. Read more about it here, in the latest Times of India Article .

All I am wondering is, in a democratic nation like ours, how come any leader, who he calls himself a saviour of tradition but at the end of the day, is just a dirty politics person who want to hog the limelight for all the stupid reasons, gets to make this kind of statement and get away with it. I mean, at that rate, it would be difficult for any two different gender people to come out togethr on V-day cause once caught Muthalik would get them married, irrespective of their status of relationship, being just friends, or even sibling like.

Anyway, I was happy to read in the newspaper, the views of other people like Renuka Choudhry [ Union Minister – Food and health ] Who would come down to Bangalore to take precautionary measures against Muthalik and his Ram Sene People. [ UPDATE : in today’s newspaper she made a nice statement.. read it here ]

I was also happy to read the outrage against it, on Twitter, which became a hot trending topic for the day.

And in the blogger world there were mixed responses. But the best one, which made me smile, at the attempt of Gandhigiri, like Vimoh has done is here

Rock the V-day all! at least if nothing else, a free wedding is waiting for you!! 😀