🙂 * blah blah blah blah..*

i can talk about thousand things which are good.. and a million which are funny…

i mean, thats one of the things about the campain batch of ours which was used to known as “phoenix” is now known as “monsters”… there is not a single hour spent since the start of this special training that we have not laughed our asses off!!

… and to top it all… we are going back to the unsofistication instead.. the word flying in our session are like… “Chindi chaur”… “lukkha”… “joka-poka”…. [ dont even as me what the third word is used in context of!! 😀

thats all to it right now…
just enjoying my days here…
but i know once this training gets over, its again hectic hell back to us..

so… three cheers to “monsters”!!!!

unsofisticatedly yours,