Blog Re-vamped again.
This time, for appropriate reasons.
Yet, Don’t actually expect me to write those down.
But if you really want to dwell into what I went through, read this…

Could a person shut out all and become insular?
Take all frustration and put it in a small vase on the window sill
and watch them bloom as time passes?

Do those blooms look good?
Do they have good fragrance?

Could a person ever really become insular?

I once thought that no man is an island.
I disagree, I am an island.

I shut myself up in my mind and insulated my core from all that hurt.
I listened and talked to myself.
I bore the brunt of mistakes and saw my proud ego shatter to disfigured pieces of glass.

But I had survived.
And so I shall.
Give me time to come out of my shell.
and when I do,
I’ll hug you like I used to.