My PC’s hard disk is gonna crash again! I’m just waitin for the Other one to arrive so that I can get  a back up soon enough! *cry* please god, dont let it crash before I back it up!!

 ps. This is what Flickr says to me..

Hold your clicks a moment please…

Flickr has the hiccups. We’re looking into the problem right now, so please check back later.

pps. Whats more.. Gmail has a new mail in inbox. Which says that the sender is me!! The subject line says “455” and the Mail only says “969” .. damn! All this is happning altogether to me today!! Seems the Devil’s day is taking its toll.

Remembering my pact with that devil, I think I need to give him some “chay-paani” [bribe] it seems, so that he leaves me to be happy and find someone else to devour!