There is a lot to write about, a lot of things happened in last week…

but wil conjure up the main things and click them down…

.. my father went out of country on work purpose, to china. I know how much he hates being away from home for so long, cause he misses the mom-made food. 🙂 Anyhow, he’ll be back after 5th July. Am missing him already.

… my elder sister got engaged, yaaay! no official ceremony as of yet, but soon enough it will happen. Never did i think she will get into arranged marriage. but she has, and i can see she is really reallly happy. Am happy for her too, and SJ (her fiance, We call him SJ as a short of “Sopan Jiju”) is quite cool too! Anyways the good thing is, my path to “barbaadi”[marriage] is now open!:)

… my nearest of all cousins got officially engaged after months of dating and knowing her fiance. The official ceremony was on tuesday.. And we had so much fun there, I mean, except for the crowd, i love everything about traditional ceremonies. But my cousion’s fiance was so pissed off by all this ceremonies and all, that he is saying he wants to have a registered marriage in court and no ceremonies. 🙂 even from what he tells me, he wants to sprint and get married. That made me laugh cause those guys also got engaged arranged.

… day before yesterday it rained like hell. And i was caught in heavy rain, on highway on my two-wheeler. It was a dreadfully amazing feeling to ride in that heavy rain, due to which, nothing was possible to be seen except a few feet away car’s taillight, if there was any. Else it was all dark and we couldnt even see the road. Yeah, one of my cousins was with me too, and she was so afraid the whole time. But all in all, we reached home safely, and it would be a night to remember..

… hmm.. nothing else except those things happened. but then everything else left me with no time to spend otherwise in last week:)

.. yes, my PC is still down, and refusing to give me any back up yet. But am not gonna budge this time, i am going to get all the data back, one or other way! yeah, that’s the spirit!! LOL

.. Now that things are getting back to normal as usual, i kinda miss those hectic schedules somehow.. cause now that they are not here, i end up thinking about things that I’m trying to distract my mind from. Anywyas, whatever that will happen, will happen for a good reason, lets hope things get better soon, for me.. with me.