How do i say this…

I mean.. when i tried looking at the facts, it quite amuzed me!

Well, actually this post is about the new cell number I got, while also keeping my fucked up reliance number.

And then i started thinking, about the cellphone-mania…

…. And i came to realise.. my family is one of the “largest” maniac at that!!

Its serious, i mean, we have total 8 different phone connections within my house, all presently working. If i start counting all the expired conn… the count will reach more than 50… I have reliance, so my dad does. I got another GSM [IDEA] that my elder sister has.. Also Airtel that my sister is using right now. My house has two BSNL landline conn.. one that got transferred from my old house, and one that we bought fresh.. and also we have one TATA Indicom WLL phone.

Think about how much revnue this conpanies are earning.. just from my house!!

*laughs* Dont we deserve some award for this?


ps. i know the post is crap. but hey, crap is the best way to get my self outta the “mushy” feelings:D so.. bear with it!