Well, The weekend was hectic, too stressful at some level. Although it was really great in terms of intese emotions.

But I was sad nonetheless, for one or other reason.

And this made me smile. A mail from a friend, who told me last night that he had a weird dream about me, and I asked him to tell me what it was.

So here it goes, in his own words …


you’d asked me to mail you my dream..so here goes.
(being a dream, im afraid its a bit vague, and also a
bit funny.)

the setting is some international beauty pagent
happening amidst elaborate interiors.
there’s a miss this and miss that..
MISS BEAUTIFUL HAIR passes by in a coreographed move
as MISS UKRAINIA or s’thing walks by .. amidst a
MISS INSOMNIA (you!) steps in. you were wearing
black jeans and some dark colored kurta with
mirrors and ornate embriodery. the wide silken ribbon
worn sideways from your shoulder has MISS INSOMNIA
written in bold letters, as if insomnia was some

thats the little dream i had. i guess it has no
bearing whatsover, but in the logic of dreams..perhaps
it has a bearing? or maybe it has no meaning..just
that i’d been thinking of you too much, and you decided
to star in my dream & offer me a glimpse of your

Now doesn’t that give you a smile as well?