Injured yourself
All the time. I’m a self pro-claimed accident prone zone.

Been in love
Right now. More than Ever.

Been violent
Just Recently. Poor people around me has to face my fery violent nature all the time. although am much more sober than before, still once in two weeks my temper looses itself wild.

Drank too much
Christmas. Had Vodka. funny part was I just had two pegs.

Experienced bliss
December 31, 2007. Late night, when everyone was off to party as the new year was about to break in, I was inside a small dark room, blessed to be away from all the crowd outside and be with the best company I could ever get. that was recent experience of pure and extreme bliss.

Did something you shouldn’t have
Hmm. Nothing I have ever done makes me feel I shouldn’t have done it. I am a no regrets person. rarely disagree to my past decisions. and am arrogant too.

Created art
nothing special lately. unless except you can call cooking an art.

Surprised someone
Not Really. Not that I remember. Sigh. Life is Boring.

Went somewhere fancy
October, 2007. A Day trip to Trivandrum. As fancy as it can get

Bought something expensive
What is Expensive? Its either ” I can Buy it” or ” I can’t.” I don’t label anything as expensive.

Played a practical joke on someone
lot of times. no time as of now to play such tricks.

Felt nervous in someone’s company
Never. But I generally hate crowds, so I would rather be with few close people than to meet strangers.

Felt beautiful
Few days back, when i tried on my new heels. such powerful sentiments attached to that one.

Felt unattractive
Not usually. I don’t really measure attractiveness like other females, so as long as my brain is intact, I am ever attractive.

Threw a party
Every other night. but no crowd allowed.

Were the centre of attention
I would love to be, all the time. so I usually am.

Felt betrayed
When things doesn’t happen the way they should, I feel like that often.

I Don’t. Urm. Just Did.

Were scared
Not that I remember, nothing in recent past.

Felt glad to be you
Every Morning. I am better as ‘ME’ than anyone else. lol.