was tagged by Tony . here it goes.

Seven things that I plan to do

1. Move out of my parents house.
2. Start my own law firm and get some smart people into it.
3. take photography as my serious career interest.
4. buy a new cellphone.
5. add extra cash in my sister’s pocketmoney.
6. try and manage time to talk to people who care about me.
7. finish the pending pictures, poems, writeups.

Seven things that I can do

1. Learn anything new!!
2. talk through out the day and night.
3. read a whole 1000 pages of a book non stop.
4. cook[Dont be surpirsed, i bloody hell can!!].
5. stay up all night.
6. create complicated knots outta ropes.
7. pretend to be someone I am not!

Seven things I can’t do

1. watch bakwass hindi movies.
2. wake up early in morning.
3. keep my anger in control.
4. make tea!
5. give attention to one thing for long time
6. stay without being with my younger sis.
7. stop calling my favorite people at odd timings.

Seven things I say most often

1. What the hell!
2. F*** off.!
3. yeah right!
4. who cares.
5. Abey sale!
6. oye sweetie..
7. Huun yaad raakhish. [ English translation: I will remember this! (very sarcastic tone)]

Seven people I want to tag

lol. Anyone who wants to take it up, go ahead