I am thinking about …  why we always crave for things which we know we can’t have…

I said … “love while you can, its the feeling that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. The older you get, the lesser you trust on that emotion..”

I want to … quit the rat race as soon as I can.

I wish to … earn a lot and lot of money, before quitting the rat race.

I wonder …  why I shouldn’t quit my job now and own a business completely.  After all, how long can I be a bachelorette???? 😉

I regret… nothing in life.

I am... Ekta [corny i know!].

I dance… Naay! Erm, Yaay! Some times.. When i’m in THAT mood.

I sing… worse than Himesh Reshmia.

I cry… for silly heartaches…

I am not always … Crazy. I fail at that too sometimes..

I make with my hands… good nice dinner.

I write… nonsense and sometimes sense too.

I confuse… others with what I say and what I do. Hypocrisy???? that’s an overloaded word for that 😉

I need… someone to make my day and of course night; with the right amount of sarcasm, sense of humor and immense extreme emotions.