well, These days i’m too busy with training and commuting myself 60 kms everyday that i’m not getting enough time to write a post and then post it too!!!

well, the other reason could be that, i’ve [once more] blasted my computer motherboard.. and i mean it literary!! The capacitters were ommitting smoke once i was done with the whole ‘trouble shooting’. Anyways i’ll be getting a new motherboard in a day or two, and shall be more active.

but till the time, i’ll be boring the readers of my blog.. with my one liners…[thank you for sticking with it till this long.. i appreciate the patience!!]

oneliner of the day: that was told by my trainer, a very superb lady.

In life, when a person does some good to you, you say THANKS. but when a person does some bad to you, you say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. cause those are the one who changes you for good.

… lets just ponder over the thought… and have a nice evening ahead…