Let me introduce all to someone new in my life…

…. The one who is mostly clad in red n black. And sometimes, in just black. The one color which looks great on him.

…. The one who sings well, and makes my heart go ohh-la-la when he sings out loud when i want to, not caring about anyone around.

…. The one who makes me tingle in all the right places when he is active.

…. The one who is going to be my constant companion, in misery and fun, in good and bad, for as long as we shall both live.

… The one …. I’d always wanted, since the day i saw him first.

Stories apart, finally, I’ve found what I’d always wanted.

Oh no, its not about the ‘Holy Grail’ i’m talking. That search has never came to an end, rather it has just begun more profoundly than ever before. This thing I’ve found is not even remotely conntected to Holy Grail. Its more like… telephonically connected!! Grins.

Oh yeah, I’ve given myself a new luxury that i was planning to get from a long time, but everytime postponed due to one or other reason. A Good Mobile Handset. I mean, its true, about cell phones, that you wait a little longer and you get a better piece. But then it may just continue like forever, and i may never get to have any!!


But now I have it! THE ONE handset I always wanted. Nokia 7250. Loved it since the day its first ad aired on TV Channel. I was shocked when i heard that company stopped producing this cell, for some reason! That meant, i coulnt ever gonna get another Brand new 7250. But now i am so happy, and satisfied, to have found this piece.

My cool dude in red n black cover!

I’m actually very happy!