I am on a trip right now, to my native place, and as much as it makes me happy, all this driving around, is giving me a backache as well. Anyhow, one of the most interesting part I’ve seen in this trip is my sleep during this trip.

So far, as usual, I’ve been able to sleep less. Yet, every time I’ve slept, I’ve consciously made a choice to sleep on a sofa. At my Grandfather’s place, At my Uncle’s and At my Aunt’s, all the places I’ve been to, i have had this special connection with a sofa to sleep. All of my relatives, they keep on bugging me, telling me that they have arranged for a bed for me to sleep on, though I just prefer a sofa somehow.

probably, its just the comfort and small space yet the coziness of the sofa that I have learned to love.
or may be i just have way too much memories attached to it, to feel good while i sleep on a sofa.

🙂 so yes, I would, even in future, prefer a small sofa than a bed.