Everything’s acting silly around me lately…

… almost everyone as well!!

Starting from my computer, this idiot box has been giving me a ‘reboot’ treatement, that also on his own, that it gives me doubt that may be this is the new generation of computer that has been born in my room, which is obnoxiously rude as to reboot or go into stand-by whenever it wants!! I tried shaking the land under its feet by formatting the hard disk, cleaning up the years old dust from the cabinet, but it still laughed on me as it again gave me the reboot after the re-installation was done!! Anyways i’m defeated for the night, but hey there’s always a better tomorrow!

Hmm… changing the topic, today in kitchen as well, things were acting silly… yep you read it right, ‘Things’ were acting silly. such as my microwave oven. Whenever i tried to put a combination of time spans to cook, it wouldnt accept anything more than a minute. So to make pulav, i had sit in front of it and keep switching the start button 18 times!!

As if that wasnt enough, Manil comes to my house to meet us sisters, and on his way upstairs [My room is on the first floor!], he falls down on the stairs. Not ‘tumbling’, just simple fall, which lays him flat over a bunch of steps in vertical direction. We all laugh like hell, cause that incident is rather funny and not damaging, and it becomes more funny when my younger sister comments to manil, that he is not a spiderman from that PS2 game that we play, that he can reach upstairs “lete lete” [Translation: laying down] And we keep laughing, all the more than before!

… Can it get any sillier than that for a day?!!