Well, I cant help being me, cant I?

So the silliness has to be there! Anyways, its been long that i talked about the silly happenings around me and my family&friends. And god knows why the list is as usually long enough when it comes to silly mistakes.

Starting of with my younger sister, Aagna, Who is the master of all the disasters. Thats precisely why We call her Barbaadi.com Of course I also have another friend, which is better[!] at that and we call her Mahabarbaadi.com but Anyways lets talk about my sister’s recent blunder right now. The Navratri nights, In Gujarat it has a real craze about it, and we are not an exception. Of course this year, due to a few reasons we couldnt manage to go out and dance[dandiya that is!] for more than a few nights but those were memorable ones anyways! Ofcourse my sister had a big role in making it more memorable.

It was almost 2am in the night, when we were going out of the party plot where the graba was held. I was with a scooterate i.e. Kinetic Nova, and there were other three vehicles in our group. On our way earlier that evening, I knew the patrol tank of my Nova was almost empty and it might just finish before we can reach a patrol pump. So I asked a friend of mine to bring some patrol in a bottle that he did on his way. After that we finished the garba, and went out at 2 am, ofcourse, as expected my nova did stop just as we were getting outta parking lot. Now I asked that friend, Pankaj to bring the bottle, so that we can fill up the tank and move off. He opened up the dikki of his vehicle and passed on the bottle [ it was a small 500ml Mirinda one] to aagna. Now as he was closing the dikki, my sister very gracefully opened up the bottle and took a large sip! Pankaj turned, and almost screamed, “Patrol!” My sister spit it out the next moment. For sometime there was a silence, and then we all burst into a big laughter.

Actually, Aagna thought that the bottle was filled up with water, and so after drinking the water the bottle will be empty and then they can go to patrol pump and bring patrol in it! Unfortunate to her, she didn’t know the arrangement was already made, thus she ended up with patrol in her mouth while she was trying to help. lol.

Of course, her explanation was the same, just added some facts to blame the enviornment and climate. She said it was dark and chill outside, and thus she couldn’t figure out the difference. She was also feeling very thirsty and cold thats why without thinking she just tried to drink. and etc etc. Lol. Whatever the explanation was, one thing for sure that we were sick to our stomachs with laughing on the whole way back to home!

yes, we rightaway did all we could, ice and all. But the burning sensations and heavy smell of patrol was still there on her clothes till a long time. Oh, she was such a sweetheart when she ended up saying that, the whole thing was positive in a way, as in beforehand she was feeling too cold, but then the burining sensations in her mouth were strong enough to make he distract from the chill!

I love her like hell!