The only day in week when I’m actually watching out for late night reiterate telecasts of undersized film kind of series on Star Plus… Called “Star Bestsellers”

The excellent element about them is, Every time they’ve surfaced with an exclusively splendid *new* notion. It’s invigorating to see those where every other Hindi channel will either be wedged on melodrama [purely “Ekta-kapoor” Kind of Rona-Dhona Daily sops], or Hindi movies [which aren’t any different from them anyways!!]

So yes, today I saw a first-rate shortie on star best sellers … called “The End”. Written by “Rohit Dev Malhotra”, now this gentleman is quite known to me. He’s not the rona-dhona archetypal playwright. He experiments, with new subject, at times litigious, and entirely dissimilar from others. May be that’s the raison d’atre that he’s not triumphant, as “Janta” Of India wouldn’t accept that sort of script. They would quite prefer the typicality. Phew! I’m not going to write more about how I feel on that painstaking stuff, so getting back to the subject matter of this blogpost… I did love seeing that film [of course I had seen it before, it was just a 100th repeat of it that I watched…] However there were some setbacks there that I couldn’t help notice, the story line wasn’t in that much of the grip of the writer, means at times he tend to go off tangents. There were some extremes that he not only crossed but also made them appear like bizarre. Again, it’s just my opinion. Each one to his own, right?!

Anyway, For the readers who haven’t seen that episode, I shall shortly be putting up the synopsis here on blog. For the readers who already have seen it, I’ve a second part of that post, which shall contain my way of the ending of the story! 🙂 Something for both kinds!!! Keep watching! And don’t change the channel, cause infomercials are part of life, and also… Exists Everywhere!