Awesome Movie. Awesome characters. First time the other actors are actually shadowing Amir Khan in his own movie! This is the first movie, that after the movie, I am not thinking about the actors after i finish watching the movie, but the characters and themes. After the intermission, for the whole remaining one and half hour I coundn’t stop my tears. The message comes out and touches your heart, Hell yes, it does!

Of course, Prem watched it for 3 times after it released, in two day’s time! I watched it once, but think i wouldnt dare watch it again, as it would again make me feel enraged, and hurt later on. But the theme of the movie has affected me a lot, and It would also definately affect my future too. But let me just keep that part a secret for now.

I loved that movie. It gets 20 outta 10 in my ratings!
Go watch if you’ve not watched it yet!

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