To me. peace is undescribable.

May be its a frame of my mind, that i can feel emerging from the very core of my being. But can never put it in mere words. Its a state of calmness, not necessarily happiness. Like in the middle of the night, probably at two am, when i am just listening to music, and it comes to me, in a cool breeze. And i can feel it, its just that. peace. Like when i am painting, lost in colors where I dont even realise how much time has past.

May be Its a state of one pure emotion surging throughout my entire being, be it immense pleasure, intense pain, agony or ecstacy. Like when I am with Ember, just there, all content. Watching him as he sleep. Pure bliss. Like when i am talking to Nemesis and we share an unbelievable silence between us in middle of all this zillions nights of throughout talking. Thats peace, where his silence speaks more clear words then his speech.

May be its total weird thing for me, cause i feel at home in a peaceful completeness in some very amazingly disturbing situations. Like I find peace sitting in the corner of the disc where the loud music of darkness spreads through everyones ears. Like i find peace breaking the very things i love to possess, into small pieces. Like I find peace in the back seat of my car, while the car is smoothly running on 60 kmph and I am just sitting there, gazing outside the window.

What does peace mean to you?