this is what i wrote a year back.. on 5th june. Guess i’ve not changed much since then!! lol.

Lets get on the light side of the life..
1. She’s crazy enough not to be crazy about silly material expressions of affection. [ well, it gets hard to woe this kind of girl, isn’t it? ]

2. She can be the person with whom you can talk about your normal routines instead of romancing all the time. [ hell! I mean, who wants that??!! Someone who can listen and then be critical of your activities and *the way* you do them. ]

3. She doesnt care what you’re dressed in, or where you’re going together. [ To her , dressing up and going to a ballroom dance OR going to a beach to have a round of booze in ‘whatever’ clothes is same! ]

4. She has very short attention span to most of the things in life. [ unfortunately that means no long duration fights are available! but on the positive side, one will have to be constantly active to keep her interested!!! ]

5. She is the perfect counterpart for the male chauvinistic pricks [MCPs]. [ keep guessing how?. ]