A. Available or taken: Available… naah! its different from being single. I’m not at all available actually:P

B. Best Friend: Right now, two. Joy and Prem.

C. Cake or pie: Cake anyday!

D. Drink of choice:
Vodka with lime.

E. Essential item: CellPhone

F. Favorite color: Black-Red

G. Gummi bears or worms:

H. Hometown: Rajkot

I. Indulgence: Music, Movies , Books, Chocolate and Late night Talks.

J. January or February: January. [ I really wonder what exactly does this question mean? :P]

K. Kids and/or names: well, no kids. but if i ever have a girl, I’m naming here “Anamika”. And Boy, “Kshitij”

L. Life is incomplete without: Adventure

M. Marriage date: December 8. [ how strange to ask just the date and not the year, isn’t it!? :D]

N. Number of siblings: two lovely sisters that I fight a lot with.

O. Oranges or apples: Coconut. [or more like coco nut]

P. Phobias/Fears: Hydrophoebia

Q. Quote: “I can resist everything but a temptation.”

R. Reason to smile: Joy of being alive and kicking right now.

S. Season: Winter

T. Tag 3 /6 people: I don’t tag people, anyone wants to take it up, go ahead. 🙂

U. Unknown fact about me: do i really want to say it out loud? okay, may be its time i should.. ermm. I cry while watching movies. Some makes me cry befcause they affect me, others because they are so poorly made.

V. Vegetable you hate: long list.

W. Worst habit: Waking up late in morning.

X. X-rays: ?? I’ve a few of those of my foot, after that accident 🙂

Y. Your favorite food: Anything cooked with love in it. [how cheezy!]

Z. Zodiac: Leo+Virgo [born at cusp of two signs].