Memories. Of old times. The times those are gone.
The times those are not there anymore.
But the times which you fondly remember.
Well, social networking, if it has done nothing else, it has at least made a world a bit smaller place.

And it’s not bad, not always.

I mean, I could never imagine being in touch with my old college friends, after I left college and lost touch. It sounded almost insane to be able to find those few people in billions of people in India. And trust me, I know they would be all scattered all over the place. And now it’d been 7 yrs. And I had almost lost hopes.

But then some days before, an old friend found me out.
And then it began. The chain of events. Of finding more friends in chain. Finding more details, calling up people, meeting people, and more or less getting back in touch. At just a click of a button.

Something that made me happy.

Now there is a lot to catch up, lot to know, lot to say, and lot to share.
Even though orkut was a medium, now I am back in touch real time.

And it couldn’t have happened otherwise.
Credit goes to this wide web.

Well, on a lighter note, now this is what I call six degrees of separation.
That every one on earth, are connected through a chain of six friends, who are on orkut.