My condition these days is completely like… “Aasmaan se tapke, Khajuur pe Atke!!” I mean, its funny how murphy seems to prove his law true for everything i go through and make me remember him again and again! and i repeat, its actually funny!

Well, its a usual blabbering, about my Accident. To be truthful, If i were to be an optimistic person i would have seen good things in that as well, but somehow, i just end up defying my own self, when it comes to the thinking of both the sides.Okay, now i better stop running in circle around the original subject and directly get to the center of the matter. Fortunately enough, a week ago, my physiotherapy reached the level where i was told, i could start walking then on. Of course with a little support. Gawd, i was damn glad about that, it literally took half of the sensations of pain away from the bloody physio exercises! And thats where the trouble started!

Let me elaborate, I , Miss Ekta, after burning my previous physiotherapist-Mr. Raval ‘s work and also the skin at the back of his hand [ detailing of that horrible yet almost planned ‘accident’ during the hotwax therapy here!! ] got in touch with a new physiotherapist. That one turned out to be a female for her own safety from me[… muhhahahaa!!], and twice lucky cause she shared the same name with my special someone, and let me tell you, that name isnt that usual in INDIA even though its unisex. So yeah, i kinda developed a soft corner for her. Then we began with the walking exercises. of course, Heavily painful stuff. I was overall calm, somehow i think i am good at bearing physical pain, may be cause of my past experiences, or may be cause of the silly ego of being the strong one. Anyway, the conclusion was that i would sweat up like hell due to pain, while going through the exercise, but i wouldnt make a sound, no more than a moan here and there. So it got hard for her to actually draw a line where the pain got too much for me. Unfortunately, The more she tried to notice my reactions, the more i would be alert not to let a single sound escape my lips!!

Then After almost three days, she realised i was having a kind of lump within my heel, which wasn’t melting with the hotwax techniques and other loosening up exercises. She asked me how much it pained, i honestly replied it was painful but not over my limits of absorbing. She smiled at my answer, and told me that she really didnt expect me to be too stoic about it. I was the one to get shocked on her comment. She went on talking to me, taking me for an X-ray again. The X-ray results gave another shock to both of us, I was developing a stress fracture inside my heel. Probably due to the overload of exercises after the two months of stiffness. Then, I was asked not to do the heavy exercises, just the mild ones for the time being, so that it doesnt get too serious. Oh well, there goes my chances of walking in near future goes away! I’m to wait for few days, then gradually go along! Heck, i’ve got a state level public speaking contest to win within a week from now, and i am not allowed to walk yet!!

Okay, now as if the stress fracture and the delays in the walking is not worse enough, I was to be apt for more! That X-ray gave another complication to doctors! They noticed that after the swelling has been returning to normal, the thickness of the nails-wires planted in my sole covers almost 85% percent of the whole thickness. The twister is that, with that much thickness it could be easily tempered by outside sources of force in any possible way. Like a fall or an accident again [god, i hope not!] or even a bare feet walk over a road with stones. If that happens then the planted nail would be more a danger for the foot! Now as it was planted just for the sake of keeping all the bones straight for better healing, its purpose is almost served as bones are almost healed normal. Now the docs think that i should go for another surgery, to take the implants out as there is no need for the implants anymore. Bloody boring ordeal again! Bed rest, no walk and terrible headaches cause of the anaesthesia!

What more could i ask for?!! Sighs! I hope Mr Murphy is happy atleast!!
Oh, and i’m actually glad i’m a pessimist! For a pessimist is never disappointed.