Long time that I have written anything that makes me feel things.
Long time that I have written anything at all.

As I talked about this to Saurabh, I am certain that I am experiencing what we call, a Blogger’s block! Where even though I have a lot to type about, I could not even end up penning down a single line. Its weird, yes, but it happens, to everyone I guess. At least to everyone who thinks anything that becomes a routine eventually becomes slightly boring.

Anyways, that is not the subject of the post, I know. I have a real bad habit of talking in all tangents. So getting back to the main point, its about music. Music that makes me feel things. Music that sometimes brings me to tears and at others lands me into a white peaceful field of calm. Music that sometimes makes me want to just let loose and exhale my energies out in universe.

http://gravityunderground.blogspot.com. The artist is Psychacid, the person I came to know almost a year ago through his blog. Then I was introduced to his music. I had loved a few of his songs since the very beginning, and even though I am writing this right now, I know that my compliments would not be worthy to be said about his music. Shadow art is the song that is dark, full of profundity.

Yet the song that touches me the most is How does it feel?. Strange enough, I wish that I could listen to it live. I wish he would sing it in front of me, for real.

How does that sound, as a birthday gift to me, this year?