Monday the Funday!

After such a long time, I had laughed so much in few hours. So yaay! It is a time to celebrate. Oh and yes, it is also my near and dear friend’s Birthday today, so guess it has all connected in some weird way. smiles. Happy Birthday my dear Saurabh .

Therefore, this is how it began. After a late lunch and a good time spent in optimizing my computer, I thought it was time to get out and go for a movie or something, with my younger sis. Her exams also recently got over. Therefore, we decided to go out and watch any damn movie, for the sake of watching it. Luckily we decided on Bluffmaster And like many other movies, besides what critics has to say, I liked the movie. Its light comedy with a good message. In addition, I enjoyed the twists and turns of the movie, not to mention the stud Mr. Abhishek Bachhan and not to forget the charming [my favorite] Ritesh Deshmukh. Both have done a nice job in the movie. Moreover, ever-great Nana Patekar has done a fabulous acting in both the sides of the role he is playing. So not getting too deep into the review of the film, I would simply move ahead and go on with my fun day:)

Watched the movie, laughed throughout the way back home. Before reaching home, we went to a patrol pump for a short de tour. And here the second fun started. The pump was full of people, as usual at 5 in the evening. We went in to a queue, where there were prolly two vehicles ahead of mine. By the time, the first vehicle moved and the second was about to take its place, an idiotic helmet-clad biker ‘uncle’ [weird, is not it?] cut the queue and rode directly pass me. Oh, I cursed him right then. The way he can hear, but he ignored it. Now in my mind I was still giving him a piece of my anger, my sister took his side saying, he might be in a real hurry, and he is probably going out of town as in his bike he filled patrol for like 250 Rs. She is obviously a positive thinker and an optimist, while I am not. So irritated as I was, I ignored and concentrated on his bike and him. Trust me, if I would have had fire power like buttercup in powerpuff girls, he would be all ashes by then. However, as if my cursing was heard by that unknown invisible entity called god, there was a small problem with that biker uncle. Because of his helmet, there was a miscommunication between the patrol-filling person and him. He actually wanted patrol for just 50 rs for his bike. All of us laughed aloud just as we heard the situation. Quite a few people also ended giving remarks, like “tit for tat” and all. He frustratingly had to put the bike aside and go off into the office to solve the matter, which resolved when he was forced to pay for the patrol he filled. In a very weird way, I also thought he deserved it.

Anyhow, went back home, after reaching I realize I still have time to send the cards and the book to Nemesis and Morpheous. To be precise, there was a Birthday greeting card for Morpheous and a Book+Greeting card, for Nemesis. I reached there at around 6, at the courier place, XPS. Sadly, I came to know that the courier van was already sent at 5:30 from there. Nevertheless, the guy at the desk, asked me to hurry and give him the parcels because he thought he might be able to catch the van in Ahmedabad city offices. The funny part was not his enthusiasm to send my parcels, but the fact that he knew me from somewhere. And mentioned it, but then shyly smiled and did not tell me when and where. I tried to remember the whole time, that how do I know him, as I also had a feeling I had met him before, somewhere. That guy was charming desk manager, with cute dimples. And he was nervous and shy in front of me, as he fumblingly started typing out the addresses. Oh, isnÒ€ℒt that a treat for a woman like me? Then his nervousness proved to be a trouble more than a charm. As he messed up addresses with parcels, names, and ever phone numbers. First, he could not understand what was being sent to kolkata [to Nemesis] and what was being sent to Bangalore [to Morpheous]. After a few mishaps, he succeeded in confusing me, about which card and book was going where! lol. But then I managed to shut him up and give him exact whereabouts. It was not enough, as then I realized he has messed with the addresses, and names of people. Nemesis’s real name had and exchanged vowel in it, And Morpheous’ name was converted to a female name. Although I confirmed the address once again, the name remained unchanged, as he had to leave the office soon to reach the parcel van. He almost forgot to even take money from me, after giving receipts the parcel IDs. Heck, I was smiling broadly and laughing all the while. He was too sweet to scold at, so I refrained from that. Then I just hope both the people get their real parcels. so yes, Morpheous and Nemesis, I know you both will be reading this, so if you receive wrong parcel, do sent it to each other, and save me the trouble. hehe.

Here is how the day ends, excluding the people who jumped in front my vehicle for the whole time I was outside. I was feeling like playing the game called “Anti-carmageddon” Where you are not supposed to kill the pedestrians but you are supposed to save them even while they run on the road, trying to be hit!

Yikes, a truly fun day, isn’t it?