Oh, life is getting busier as i’ve started getting back on my normal track of life. The normal routines. But i do steal time here n there to do my own stuff, and enjoy!

.. and so yeah, Monday night was so so SOOOO good. I mean think about it, after a stressful day, i spent my evening with all of my favorite things. Nothing can be compared to that. I fairly believe its the most precious of all the feelings.

The things that made my evening, were, first a Cheese Cake!! No one can deny that cheese cake is salvation. of course it comes after Chocolate cake. But still it is. And then a big fluffy couch to land onto, so then you can watch your favorite sitcoms on “star world” with heavenly comfort, well, i really doubt if anyone ever need anything more!! But ten minutes passes, and He calls. ‘HE’ is my close friend, Pranav, my best friend. Anyways he tells me that he is coming to my home, and i realize i need something more to make the evening merrier, I need my lovely best friend to be there, to fight with me for silly things. And yes, i do have a list of silly things that we usually fight for. After he arrived, We fought over who is going to get another spoon for him to eat the cheese cake!! Hell, i’m not going to do that, if i get a spoon he will eat my cake!!! I dont belive in ‘sharing’ at times like this, i belive in selfishly having all to my self. So yeah, he then uses his last weapon, that he will use his hands if not spoon for the cake!! And trust me, this is NOT the time and the place where you want your men to use his hands!!!! So yeah, defeated for a moment, i get up and get him the spoon. When i come back, i see him stretched on MY couch now, grinning ear to ear. He has crossed the limits of my bearing now. I’m known as GARFIELD in this matters. None, NO-ONE can put a finger let alone sleep on my couch when i’m there! So yeah, i push him off, he doesnt budge. We keep on wrestling, and after sometime i come to a conclusion. I step in, over the couch and push him aside so that i can lay with him. He smilingly devilish welcomes me with an open arm and a spoon in another for my cake!!

… well everything’s well when end’s well, right??