.. I had to let him go.

… And I shall miss him dearly.

He was there all the way through past four years along with me. We shared more or less everything, from each gossip of my girl friends to each of the thousand prank calls I made. From each laughter, to each tear; from each smile, to each fear; He always remained by my side. But after a while, you somehow know it in your heart, that it’s not worth it, so many troubles are generating cause of him. Its not that it never happened before, trouble that is. But I always fought back, till the end, cause I had a hope it will work out. But now, I’ve even lost optimism.

He is an icon of my past, The Icon of magnificence and catastrophe. He was for Fun as well as Fuck-up, Merry as well as Mess. And I think I’ve have left him for good. In a hope that with leaving him, I’m also leaving my past to be buried in shadows.

… So here it goes. A tribute, an accolade to the years that I shared with him…. With my old companion… My much-loved Airtel Cell Number!!

… I shall miss you.

[… Uh oh… where did I put tissues… I will need them the most right now…]

Ps. I’m still fighting the urge to just run and grab him back, before it expires and worse, given to someone else…