Below are the things …. that I’ve never done before, but now i want to do them… may be in this year…. or at least once before i die… [ This questionnaire was given by a good friend, and i think it can make a very good post 😛 ]

I want….


… to see Iceland, in winter, and feel the snow all around… enveloping me and probably my special someone, who would hold me in those precious moments

…. to move out of my house, live on my own, away from my parents. Though the thing that keeps me here is the strong emotional bond that i share with my father. Of course , the strong fights with my mother over different ways of living life can outweigh it at times!!

… to have a road trip alone, all the way from Ahmedabad to Kolkata. In my favorite car, Tata Sierra.


… to go to my native and meet my childhood friends that I’ve been neglecting from a long time, for a silly reason such as they used to hate me, cause i used to trouble them a lot!

… to live 24/7 enjoying the small things of life, seeing things from a different prospective as a roommate/housemate with a certain individual i absolutely adore, who comes second after Ms Ally macbeal, The one and the only… Reshma Sanyal ( … Dear Reshma, don’t mind, just being dead honest!)

… to get married, that also arranged by my parents. ( here I’ve surprised my self even more than the last one!! Marry and me? that even Arranged??? Friends, I’ve officially lost it!!!)


… to eat sea-food[prawns], even though i think it would make me want to puke at the thought of it!!

… to have a biiiiiiiiiig refridgerator full of chocolates… and eat them too!! [mmmmmm… do i need say anything more…]

… to prepare a gujarati dish called, “Khandvi” ,[Gosh! its really tough! five times I’ve tried, always failed!!]


… to actually Paint a whole Designed Sari with Fabric colors, or at least Finish the one that i’d already started months back and had put it, up the shelves![ somebody… help me!!]

… to learn playing Orchestra(drums). [well! am already good with sticks, just the music that it creates, isn’t advisable for ears!! My neighbor’s dog constantly runs in circles for hours after listening to it!!]

… to write a book, “How to read fast : 100 pages a day!”

Lol. More than enough ‘Serious’ thoughts for the day i think.
No pun! Just Fun!!