Now this was something that i enjoyed a few evenings back!!

The Blog Quiz Of Anbu

Oh yeah, i got stuck in the second GK question, so no prize or no Chance to Attempt the ‘SuperSawal’ But hey none the less i enjoyed it. To read more about it, go to his blog, afterall its his copyright material :P:P But anyway, I must say He is damn sweet when it comes to giving hints 😛 Thanks Anbu, for making my evening more cheerful. Talk to you again sometimes, And this time i’ll be asking the questions.. *BIG GRIN*

I had a nice talk with Joy about stuff that was bothering me, better i should say i whined, absulotely usual stuff. About the past, present painful physiotherapy and damned future. And he just ‘hmm’ed the whole time, cause while the time i was whining he was in a legal conference. But he didnt cut me off rightaway, Now isn’t that so sweet of him. before i could ‘awww’ over his recent deed, being the prick that he is, tells me go to hell, and actually mean it too. And we both know that, after putting the phone down, we both will have a big grin over our faces.*laugh*

Later that night, when i was sleeping, he sent me a txt msg, a very meaningful one, as cause he hasnt been around me for some time now, busy with his own work and all.

“There might be times when you wont find me by yourside, and those actually would be the times when i would be making plans to screw your happiness.*Grin* ”

Now, Don’t you think, To be given a challenge/fight is the most adrenaline rush for anyone??


ps. This might be a last post for a while, a week or more may be, some problem with my postpaid connection’s billing procedures. Of course it affects my getting online, as data cable and the Cell ISP is the way i get online. Anyway, Will be back soon. Ciao.