With this baby this time! lovely camera. This is Nikon D40. The DSLR that is cute and compact and filled with all the necessary things without being too expensive.


Of course, photo above is taken with a mobile 😛

The first one below is the first photo of my new camera. [ funny thing, clicked without opening the lens cover. lol ]


Here comes the very first photo from my camera. Taken in Auto mode, with Auto Focus. And I love the color an details, also the fact that the flash was used, even in this macro mode, it has not over exposed the image.


I used to do a lot of photography too. Just reliased I had not taken a single photo in last 4 months with my old COOLPIX P2 camera [the one i loved so much as well, buts time it retires. Its already more than 50000+ photos down, in last 2 yrs] .

.. Cheers to the new beginnings. This is my early Birthday Gift for my self, and I would say, its worth every rupee.

Lot more activity is about to start on my flickr here . http://flickr.com/photos/epaneri/