… And i hate it!! 🙂

i mean i am too lazy to get up early in the morning. And what’s worse i *accidently* fell asleep on the terrace the other day. Damn! The morning rays of sun were good, but an hour past the sunrise i felt i was going to be the mordern age vampire and be burnt if i stayed there one more minute. [cant stand heat..!! 😛 no pun!!]

Anyways this will be just a trambling rambling post. [ i dont know why i said that …]

Goodluck is following me, [unfortunate if it overtakes though.. ] I went in for an interview in Infocity. The last job i had before accident , i’m thinking about leaving. Cause it doesnt sound so good to me this days, to travel 60kms a day! I hate commuting by bus and again i wouldnt be allowed to drive for a while. So till i join that back again, i plan to try something new. A call centre. Got selected in five mins.[ yeah yeah.. am a skillful one.. special skills for interviews only:P.. i should write a book, “How to crack through interviews”!!] Well, the funny part was, the interviewer, who was half mallu, and half gujju [ good combination aye!! look wise i mean :P]
He didnt believe i was a pure downright Gujarati girl.

The same thing i’ve been hearning from a long time, Even recently i got in touch wid a blog friend Steve And when he heard me on phone, he said the same thing. That he expected a ‘gujju’ kinda of a tone in my talk and all. And i wasnt like it!!

Now i wonder should i be happy or pissed off about it!!:P