Humor is something inherent in our lives, but one need to have the eye for it. And its not the most happy ones that finds humor in everything, they are the most pained souls who could actually end up appreciating the humor in small things around. Again, its not that i’m one of them though! I still think I have a lot more remaining to experience. And also I kinda like being in angst. Not cause its a cool thing to do. Just cause, like desire and anger, it drives me to do things I wouldnt do otherwise. But well, thats a different matter of talk altogether.

The matter of this post is, Humor. In small things. Such as one hereditary decease in our family, of subconscious deafness. Oh, let me explain, Everyone of us can hear fine, until the time one is involved in doing something which requires a tad bit of concentration. Then there is a series of funny mishears of similarly pronounced words and phrases.

Like… my dad mishears “Suniel shettty” [a bollywood actor] for “surya Shakti” [solar power!] And gets quite amused that my mom is asking him to buy a Suniel Shrtty Cooker!!

Like … my sister mishears “Dining table” instead of “Line-in cable” And wonders why I need a dining table to listen to my favorite songs!!

Like… my mom mishears “Hotel” for a “Bottle” and is shocked that I want one!

Like… I mishear “Ceiling” For the word “Feeling”… and a line of my particular favorite love song, “… and I cant seem to get away this feeling.. “… turns into a weird scene.. as I start imagining the band has somehow stuck to the ceiling!

Thats all for now guys! made a lot of fun out of my family for the day! Well, there is a lot more remaining here for this list, but hey, you gotta wait for the best things in life!


Okay. I was tagged. This time the Tag is interesting enough though. Thanks Nithyananda For this one! Its a 55 words story tag! here it goes..

Story : Shattered!

“.. I’ve decided on death. Dont ask why!”

She trusted him. She held the glass firmly, it contained death.

“Make it look like accident!”

She wouldnt commit suicide. Accident was better choice.

Annoyed with loud noises in pub, He turned. Collision followed.

He exclaimed, “What? Come again?!”

She sighed looking at the shattered glass on floor.