Why does Himesh Reshmiya has to sing?

I mean, really, WHY? He’s a great composer. I’ve loved his songs when he was just a budding artist, and he made title track for a very famous tv soap called “Andaaz”. I like Himesh’s music in the movie “Hamraaz”. He was going great, why did he had to sing and ruin it all?

Now i cant stand him at all! And if His songs are not gonna stop, I swear oneday I’ll go and kill him! Atleast to a Kishore Kumaar Fan like me, his voice is going to feel like filling your ears with rocks!

But he has become famous. Just for the fact that 70% of indian population can’t really sing, and they all relate them selves to him. Yeah, thats only reason for his popularity. He makes them feel like, they CAN sing as well, and be famous like Himesh Reshmia. And noone really cares as long as you’ve enough money keep making albums to flood the market, and then trick film producers into discounts if they let him sing in their movies!

Arrrrgggh! let’s just not talk about HIM anymore. Lets talk about some good music. Like of this new movie Gangster. Not only do i like the movie for the starcast, and one special actor in it [geez! i’m not talking about Imraan ‘kiss-me!’ hasmi!] I am talking about Roshan “shiney” Ahuja . I’ve liked him in all his movie. From a small role in a movie “Karam” To a wider spread, critically acclaimed role in “Hazaroon Khwahisheein Aisi”. And i’m a huge fan of his talent, so no way i’m going to miss out on this movie, on First day First show!

Gangster, This movie also has amazing music. There are three songs which are just mind blowing. They are as followed, ” Tu hi meri Shab hai”, “Ya ali” and “Bheegee Bheegee”. The last one is my most favorite of all! It is a great composition, The kind i love, one with great alluring lyrics and melancholic melody, and sung in really effective voice.

So for a while, you guys also enjoy the music.
You can listen to the songs right here –>

Bheegee Bheegee

Ya Ali

Lyrics of “Bheegee Bheegee”

bheegi bheegi si hai raaten
bheegi bheegi yaaden bheegi bheegi baaten
bheegi bheegi aankhon mein kaisi nami hai.. [chorus]
sapnon ka saya palkon pe aya
pal mein hasaya pal mein rulaya
phir bhi yeh kaisi kami hai … [chorus]

na jaane koi kaisi hai yeh zindagaani zindgaani
Hamari adhuri kahaani … [2]

aadhi aadhi jaagi aadhi aadhi soyi
aankhen yeh teri toh lagta hai royi
lekar ke naam hamara.. [chorus]
rutha rutha rab chhuta chhuta sab
toota toota dil tere bina ab
kaise ho jeena ganwara.. [chorus]

na jaane koi kaisi hai yeh zindagaani zindgaani
hamari adhuri kahaani … [2]