I don’t know the first words I spoke clearly when I was growing up. I don’t know the first words I spelled correctly in school. I don’t know the first words i wrote that rhymed in a usually funny way…

.. but I would always remember and know the first words of mine that I published on my own. And so November 25 2005 holds a great place in the span of my life. Of course this journey is about to begin, again, yet I am quite happy about the distance I’ve traveled so far.

Thank you all for making me do this… specially for making me WANT to do it.

[ well, there goes! the speech I’d prepared to say when I would publish my first book. Damn! now i’ll have to prepare another speech for the book publishing. Anyways, congrats again for keeping up with my craps and creeps. Wishing you best luck cause more of them are going to follow!!! Muhhhahahaha!! ]