I hate Valentine’s.

I dont know why. Its funny to celebrate just one day of the year for love. Secondary thought could be, i’ve somehow cease to believe in the hollow show off of love. You dont need to buy gifts, or send cards on a particular day to show how much you care. Its spontaneous. Like last night when Joy called up, he was so drunk, so drunk that he didnt make any sense of whatsoever he was speaking. He’s a lawyer, he’s always sure of what he is speaking untill the time he’s drunk. He would just babble, completely. And he ended up saying that, he might just never thought to have another child for rest of his life, cause he knows how jealous i could be. It was melodrama, as much as i say i hate it, it brought me to tears. It was pure, it was not affected by any ‘expectations’ that any boy friend of mine would have, so that i can doubt. It was superb. Like the first time he held me close in his arms, and i felt like i was just a ten yr old again. Forgetting everything else, just being a spoiled naughty kid of his. But he is not around here anymore, We had a very short time to ourselves.

Anyways, done with the sad stories of my life, i had an over all okay day. One old School friend surprized me, by coming to my house and waking me up, though it was twelve in noon when he woke me up:P. This fracture and bed rest has completely fucked up my schedules, have been converted into an owl of sort i guess. insomnia never ceases to leave me.

But he came, and changed it all. When i met him, we had the same spark that we had seen in each other’s eyes while creating pranks with others of our school. We had lost in touch afterwards, but he came back. He was changed, i was changed, but the reflection of emotions in his eyes, were just the same.

It reminded me the song that we used to listen to, together, knowing that someday we’ll be together again, and will sing this song with just the remains of our childhood puppy affairs…

This is where i belong… BoyZone.

Here i stand in the northern rain
And i can’t believe i’m home again
And i can’t believe how nothing’s changed
I’m finding my way

Old park bench where i carved my name
But now it doesn’t stand alone
Cause now the trees have over grown
Many a road that I’ve traveled
That’s led me a stray
Here’s where my heart’s gonna stay

This is where i belong
This is where i come from
No need to shed my tears
Or face my fears anymore
So i won’t walk alone
Taking things on my own
All of the lands i’ve roamed
Memories of my home
They keep beating strong
….Cause this is where i belong!!