Happy Diwali and wishing a prosperous new year to everyone of you. This year the Rangoli that we created was that. Of course, after a busy day, we started creating it at 12 in night. And it ended up as a Starfish from an ocean! well, my dad thought we should have added three more paws to it, and make it look like an octopus!

Anyways, My personal contribution to this one was filling the colors, specifically the green color in the starfish and creating the whole “Happy new year”. We finished by three in the night, and well, had to get up early the next day [as in today!] as well.

… And what do i see in the morning… some naughty kid has messed up a small part of my rangoli. Specially the part i have created. He/she has removed “Y” from the very last line, and now that rangoli looks like a quote a plastic surgeon would use to congrat his accident patient who has his ear replaced!

“Happy new EAR!”


ps. Met a fellow blogger today. talked for an hour or so. the hilarious part is, we never get to mention the word “Blog” in our whole conversation!! hehe. Btw, Happy Birthday to you Percy, Again. šŸ˜€