First off… Had a Terrible Yet Superb Holi as usual. Thanks to Prem and the Gang! It was fun while it lasted! And I had taken some colorful pics this noon when the party was on its best. Of course a lot happened before and after the pics, there was so much of water all around, everyone was totally painted in many different colors. After years i enjoyed holi this much, thanks to Prem. Love you sweetheart, i know you’ll be reading this.

Pic is removed! will be up soon!

Now this is a story everyone would love to hear… and i’m sure Mr. Nemesis would.

This is a story of a tomato!! umm.. Wrong title. Its the story of me, before some 17 years. My dad loved to shoot me.[camera ofcourse!] and so i’ve very fond memories that i can actually remember through those pics. May be this is one of the reason i love photography, something to do with the heridatory gene! Anyway, so this is about a pic, of me, of my younger self that is Joy’s Most Favorite[Not that he doesnt like me anymore.. :P] When my dad took that picture, i was telling him about how our tomato plant in the backyard had a very small red tomato grown on it. And it was one of the cutest moment captured on camera. Me dad loved this pic, and after getting to know the story, that sweet picture got his important existance in my photo-scrap-book.

Now, here comes another story… The story of Joy!! ummm… again wrong title. The story of the computer screen! Dont panic if you dont find any connection there, lemme explain. Few days back he told me about this story. I’ve sent this pic to him long time back, along with my other childhood pics. He confirmed he loved that pic, and had it on his computer desktop as a wallpaper. [.. now as if it wasn’t flattering enough… he went on talking more…] At times at home in his room, he will keep the computer switched on, and watch TV or have drinks etc. And time to time his sight would stop at the computer screen and he would have a smile on his face and sometimes a mumble. “Yes, the tomato is there..” [ Sweet.. isn’t it?… wait for the worst part!!] And so on. Once before switching the computer off, he looked at the screen, and suddenly felt like holding me close and kissing me on my cheek. then he literally kissed. The computer screen of course.[ well, we live in two diff corners of india unfortunately…] And thats how he painfully realised….

….. He hasnt cleaned [dusted off] that computer screen in a very long while!!!