The week was totally unforgettable for me, cause i was with Joy, Almost 20 hours a day. Last Week Of Dec was the one i never had before, in my entire life, I was meeting him… finally!!

Let me Share Who Joy is, Joy is the friend, philosopher, guide, family, and mentor for me. He’s 10 yrs elder than me, He’s the brother that i never had, he’s the father that i will never have! Spooky, of course. But he means a lot to me.

We are from different corners of India, He from East (Kolkata) And Me from West(Ahmadabad). We’ve lived in different cultures, still we are same, at least that’s what he thinks :P.

Though we have met on the medium of net, we’ve kept our touch more offline than online… We’ve been quite close from almost a year now. This Post is the tribute to the Year i spent with him. This February 9th, was the first time that we talked to each other private, even though we had known each other as members of a same yahoo group from year or so.

Sighs!! And then it begun. We exchanged numbers and addresses eventually. Writing each other letters, and calling each other when schedules let us. We’ve gone through much, We have had throughout the night talks, we have had our fights, even we curse each other all the time. Still he is the most loved person of my life, as much as i love my dad, i love him. He’s the one i can just call up in middle of the night, and whine about how things in life aren’t going the way i want them to, or to just curse the one i’m dating right now and how i seem to always fall for the WRONG one!!

In short, I love him. For who he is, for who he is to me. And this is to Thank Him, to tell him that no matter what, we’ll always be there for each other!