40 minutes to go…

the count down has begun!

Everyone in my house, including all three sisters and mother are on the verge of excitement. Its going to be so much fun this year. We enjoyed it a lot last year, we’ll have the same thing this year as well….

.. Its my father’s 50th birthday tomorrow.. April 4.

And we have plans of a party that starts from 12 tonight. I look forward to a grand party tomorrow evening. But tonight, it will be just us. The family. the closest bond.

Even there’s a point of fun as well. We sisters have brought a cake with “Happy birthday to PAPA” Written on it. And funnily my mom has brought another under my dad’s nose which says “Happy birthday to Manoj”. When asked why she did it, she smiles and says, she cant add her self in our cake due to the label referrence. She can’t call him dad now, can she? So yep. My dad will be surprised, very surprised!! He is in for Two cakes tonight. Two different flavoured as well. Black forest and Pineapple.

Don’t you think its so superb a birthday where one is also provided with two different options of cake?!!!

Cheers! I’m off to get the camera appratus set up. Will be back later tomrrow and blog about it… till then…. All of you, have fun…. and enjoy.

.. And yes, I love you so much Papa!!