The Place where recently Pooja’s Exhibition was held! That was where an impromptu meet of PCA happened as well. The prints on canvaas where awesome, though in a few pictures it ruined the detailing due to the texture of the canvaas that was added in that picture. Of course I felt somthing wrong with the prints, though only when a friend told me about the texture, I understood what was feeling not right. Over all, in my thoughts, pooja has done a great capturing. Although, I would have loved seeing more photos from her rather than just some 30+.

In fact that was also the time when me and a friend of mine ended up discussing theories of photography. In my definition there are two theories, First is that you Take the photo, and second is where you Make the photo.

In simple words, first means, you see a scene, that makes you feel, makes you want to capture that right moment, just as it is. And the Second theory means, you create a scene you’ve in your mind, and then take the picture later.

Of course, both of us agreed on here, though he enlightened me with his third and the normally very much used theory. That you take a picture just as it is, and then add to it a ‘fake’ explaination to make it seem more ‘dramatic’ and all.

And it lead me to think, whether most of the street photography I see, is the First or the Third kind?